Recent Publication: Mobility Separation and UVPD of Co-Adducted Tetrasaccharides


Ultraviolet photodissociation (UVPD) has had its application directed primarily at biomolecule analysis, but with a common drawback of low fragment abundances. We encountered this same problem with UVPD of two sodiated isomeric glycans, but found a significantly higher fragment yield from the cobalt adducts of those same tetrasaccharides. An additional bonus was that the cobalt adduction increased the resolution of the isomers from no discernible mobility separation as sodium adducts to a resolution of 0.78. This allowed us to use UVPD for fragmenting a mobility separated mixture of the two glycans, which benefited from the higher fragment yield of the cobalt adducts.

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Recent Publication: Enhanced Mixture Separations of Metal Adducted Tetrasaccharides


Using a combination of Fourier transform ion mobility and ion trap mass spectrometry Kelsey demonstrated the degree to which different metal cations were able to enhance isomer separations across a set of tetrasaccharides.  While full resolution was not achieved for the full set of 5 isomers this work demonstrates the current state of the art for true isomeric mixture separations using IMS.  Another interesting aspect of this work was the observation of metal cation bound dimers.  Though we couldn’t tell whether they were homo or heterodimers we’ve now obtained a deuterated set of isomers which will help to answer that question.

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