Recently we’ve been working on the design and construction of a new instrument build centering around a quadrupole mass spectrometer […]
TL/DR — Code and wiring diagram to output a simulated spectrum WITH noise on a specified microcontroller output pin. Requires […]
  Following up on previous post, we’ve finally released a major update to the Open Source IMS Initiative.  Appearing now […]
Ion gating remains a critical aspect of drift tube IMS experiment and a range of clever approaches have been used […]
Outside of an ionization source and a Faraday plate, a drift tube IMS system is fundamentally comprised of 5 primary […]
We are pleased to announce the unpacking and, more importantly, the successful pump down of the G2.  Combined with a […]
  In early 2015 the research group is pleased to bring the next generation ion mobility-ion trap system online.  This […]
Recently, we brought two CTC PAL systems on-line in the group and in an effort to save a little bit […]
The Clowers Research Group is now live.  Reporting in are the background ions from ionized air measured using a residual […]
Why Oscilloscope Bandwidth Matters: A big part my New Year’s Resolution to improve my overall design process was better testing. […]