3D Printing CTC PAL Autosampler Trays

Recently, we brought two CTC PAL systems on-line in the group and in an effort to save a little bit of money* and explore the utility of 3D printing we engaged the engineering department at WSU to print out a sample trays that was compatible with the PAL system. ¬†Granted the result doesn’t have the fancy vial numbers (nor did we try) but the result was quite pleasing. ¬†3D printing still isn’t dirt cheap when you factor in the time but at least for this application the trays were a significant break compared to the commercial version.


In case there are others that are interested, the stl and sldprt files are here:  PAL_Tray

*sure the cost of the PAL vastly exceeds the cost of single tray but every little bit counts at this stage.