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Duviz: command line tool for disk usage visualization: is a simple UNIX command line utility written in Python to visualize disk space usage. See it in action here:. I started writing it a couple of years ago (2009 according to the git commit log), but I just recently decided to make it more public. –

John Hunter Memorial Fund: John Hunter, author of Matplotlib, founding board member of NumFOCUS, husband to Miriam, and father to three daughters: Clara, Ava, and Rahel, was diagnosed with cancer in late July 2012 after returning from his keynote address at SciPy in Austin, TX. –

tangle: Tangle is a JavaScript library for creating reactive documents. Your readers can interactively explore possibilities, play with parameters, and see the document update immediately. Tangle is super-simple and easy to learn. This is a simple reactive document. –

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